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[naruto meme] »» ten characters [2/10]

The Black Sheep of the Uchiha

[naruto meme»» ten characters [2/10]

The Black Sheep of the Uchiha

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↳  requested by itachid and sixpathsofdick

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Tobirama ( Ep.379)

Tobirama ( Ep.379)

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Peace under an illusion is not true peace .
It’s only meaningful …
if the real world manages to accomplish it .

B Y : サスケ。

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mecha naruto

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Sasori requested by yagurra
I would describe myself as a human being who could not  
become a complete puppet.
I'm an unfinished puppet, whose lifeless frame still
contains a beating heart at its core.

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Inspired by [x]

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14.7.23 | KIRAPosted with Artist's PermissionPlease do not remove source


14.7.23 | KIRA
Posted with Artist's Permission
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..Because I'm hoping that this time around, it will be the hate that transforms into love.

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The Valley of the End - Naruto Chapter 693